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Our Courtroom Trial Preparation

The fact is that 95% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial (before they go to court) according to The Law Dictionary.

What separates law firms and attorneys that practice exclusively within negligence, personal injury, accident, and malpractice law is the experience that comes from real courtroom trial experience. Although we know that the odds of your case going to trial is small, we prepare from Day 1 as if your case WILL go to trial.

Having this mindset allows us to be in the best position to truly fight and advocate for our clients to help them get the best results and compensation possible for their case based on the facts and the law.

We use state of the art law trial exhibits to help us fight for you to get the compensation and justice you deserve!


Some examples include:

  • Accident animations and recreations
  • Accident simulations
  • Affidavit – a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court. (See below)
  • Doctor consultation
  • Economist consultation
  • Economic & non-economic losses determination
  • Employment / occupational experts
  • Fact gathering
  • Focus groups
  • Exhibits
  • Investigations
  • Jury planning and selection
  • Medical animations, graphics and illustrations
  • Medical expert consultation
  • Medical imaging
  • Medical record obtainment
  • Mock trials
  • Nursing expert consultation
  • Pain & suffering determination
  • Technical diagrams
  • Trial exhibits
  • X-rays

Affidavit / Investigation – This slip and fall claim was initially DENIED. After being retained – Ray Gupta & Associates was able to win a SUBSTANTIAL COMPENSATION AMOUNT for our client. The details of the settlement are sealed. We have blacked out the parties involved below for that reason.